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The kitchen sink is one part utility, one part aesthetics, and a complete workhorse in your Glen Carbon, IL home. Whether cleaning up breakfast or preparing for dinner, washing fruit or rinsing dishes, filling a vase or soaking a grass stained baseball uniform, the sink has plenty of diverse uses. If you’re considering a replacement, here are the mistakes to avoid.

Look for the best coupon.
Some kitchen remodelers make advertising promises they can’t keep. You might pay extra for unforeseen upgrades, extended installation hours, or damage from defective work. Other contractors simply don’t have the training or experience to complete the job. If you need custom sink fittings, faucet changes, water line or appliance relocation, a contractor limited to basic sink installation without a plumbing certification could leave you with literal holes in the job.  Visit Hoffmann Brothers website for money saving coupons from a professional, experienced, certified plumber.
Install first; match later.
Your kitchen sink should tie into your existing countertop, complement your décor, and sync with your garbage disposal. Unless it’s part of a complete remodel, you’ll save money and frustration with a sink compatible with the other features you already like in your Glen Carbon, IL kitchen.

Copy your neighbor.
Every family is different and trends are changing constantly. The latest innovative sinks include a rotating colander, built-in cutting board, and nesting storage trays. While your Glen Carbon, IL neighbor’s style might suit her family, ask a qualified contractor for the full catalogue of makes, models, and manufacturers. Discuss your goals with an experienced plumber to make sure you get the kitchen sink that will serve your family long-term.

For example, a double bowl sink enables multi-tasking but takes up a large amount of real estate in a small kitchen. It also reduces your ability to clean larger pots and pans if the basin sizes aren’t chosen carefully. Some smaller kitchens do well with a single basin and a drying rack. You’ll still have plenty of choices from color, to material, to depth, to rim style to consider.

Hoffmann Brothers offers double bowl, undermount, farmhouse, and drop-in kitchen sinks. Our qualified contractors are licensed plumbers for small to large kitchen projects, from sinks to all the plumbing needs involved in complete remodels. Call (314) 664-9705 in Glen Carbon IL for a free estimate.

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Matchmaking isn’t just for relationships anymore. Hoffmann Brothers certified plumbers have a valuable skill. They know how to match the sink to the homeowner creating long-term relationships that last. Here’s a peek at two of our latest successful matches.

Webster Groves Homeowner Seeks Sink to Support Family of Six
Hoffmann Brothers knows the St. Louis area well. Webster Groves evokes historic charm in all of us with its nostalgic architecture and shade trees lining the streets. Our customer’s home was no exception.

We installed a farmhouse style kitchen sink in their home. Classic white porcelain matched the traditional home décor. The deep basin minimized splashes and spills as our avid cook scrubbed large pots from daily dinners, washed sheet pans after frequent bake sales, and cleaned large quantities of vegetables.

Ladue Homeowner Seeks Sink to Support Entertainment
Many homes in Ladue have meticulous landscaping, curved double entrance driveways, curated interior design, and a large square footage. All of these add up to excellent dinner parties. Our customer’s home fit the profile.

Our Ladue homeowner was happy with his double basin undermount stainless sink in the kitchen area. But he wanted an extra sink for his wet bar to support entertaining.

A Hoffmann Brothers certified plumber located an existing water line for a convenient branch to the new wet bar sink. The secondary sink was a small square shape, still deep enough to avoid splashes on the nearby furnishings. A copper material was chosen to add elegance and suit the décor.

Our homeowner loves washing dishware in his new sink, rinsing glasses as his guests switch from red to white wines. Since our plumber included a garbage disposal, the sink is versatile enough to support a variety of entertainment purposes. Though the kitchen is still the most popular room in his home, he noted the wet bar is giving it some new competition.

Start Your Search with Hoffmann Brothers
Remember the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink”? It implies an inclusion of everything possible. However, the kitchen sink isn’t an unchangeable fixture in your home. You can upgrade to the sink that suits you and install more than one.

Ready to live happily ever after like our successful St. Louis matches? Call (314) 664-9705 for a free kitchen sink consultation with a certified plumber from Hoffmann Brothers.  For more information log on to our website at:

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There’s a characteristic sound to quenching your thirst. “Ahhh,” water. It’s refreshing, vital for life, 71% of the earth’s surface, 60% of the human body, and 90% of our body weight.

What about water in your home? While this utility is vital for drinking, laundering clothes, washing dishes, showering, and cleaning, leaking water is bad news. A plumbing leak is a serious problem that can cause expensive damage if left untreated.

Know the clues that signal your Wildwood, MO home may have a hidden plumbing leak.

Clue #1: Stains appear on your wall or ceiling.
Plumbing leaks can occur from piping behind your drywall. Since drywall repair costs can reach $400 plus, act early to fix the piping leak and isolate the damage.

Clue #2: Your wallpaper starts wrinkling.
Wallpaper wrinkles when moisture on the applied wall breaks down its adhesive. Not only do you risk extensive drywall replacement, but also damage to valuable furnishings until the leak is fixed.

Clue #3: Your hardwood floor begins buckling.
Like oil and water, wood and water don’t mix. It’s better to pull up and replace a few pieces of hardwood where you notice a deformation, than to pay for widespread water damage from an untreated leak below your flooring.

Clue #4: You notice a musty smell.
Mold and mildew have a characteristic pungent humid smell. Mold needs two items to grow: moisture and a surface. A concealed piping leak provides moisture and the interior walls and floors of your home provide a surface.

Stop mold in its tracks. Mold removal in a Wildwood MO home can cost thousands of dollars in structural damages. Not to mention, mold aggravates health conditions and can cause serious illnesses.

Clue #5: Your water bills are higher than normal.
If your family hasn’t changed their water use habits, a higher utility bill may indicate a hidden leak. Consider your toilet. One test is to drop food coloring in the toilet tank. Does it run into the toilet bowl without a flush? Also, try a thin layer of toilet tissue at the base of your toilet. Flush your toilet, and note whether the tissue gets wet.

If you suspect a hidden water leak in your home, call (314) 664-9705 to connect with a qualified Hoffmann Brothers contractor or log on to Our experienced plumbers follow pipes through complex crawl spaces and attics to determine the source of any leaks. We repair leaks, save water, and prevent expensive damage to your Wildwood MO home.

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Your Town and Country home is a warm and welcome retreat from the frightful winter weather outdoors. But it’s not entirely immune to the elements. Cold temps and high winds are the perfect mix for frozen pipes. When water freezes, it expands. It can break piping, block water lines, and flood your home with gallons of water.

Take the quiz below to determine your risk of frozen pipes.

1) Are you traveling this holiday season?
A: No, we’re hosting.
B: No, but we set our thermostat below 55°F when we sleep.
C: Yes, and we don’t have anyone to check on our home.

The best answer is A. B and C pose risks for frozen pipes. Programmable thermostats save energy, but don’t dip your settings below 55°F. 55 - 62°F is recommended during holiday travel. For extended vacations, give a key to a trusted neighbor to check on your Town and Country home.

2) Did you recently move-in, remodel, install a swimming pool, or invest in underground sprinklers?
A: Yes, we moved into an older home this summer.
B: Yes, I haven’t yet shutoff our new sprinkler system.
C: No, we built our home.

The best answer is C. Answers A and B pose risks for frozen pipes. If you built your home, you likely ensured that the builder insulated exposed piping. Piping behind walls and under floors is not at the same temperature as the ambient air in your Town and Country, MO home. A professional inspection can ensure all your piping is properly insulated.

Before the temperatures drop, prep the exterior of you Town and Country home. You’ll eliminate an immediate piping burst and a rude awakening next spring. Keep your garage doors closed for an extra outdoor shield for piping that runs through the garage.

3) Do you have rarely used areas of your home?
A: Yes, our youngest just started college.
B: No, we have a busy and large family.
C: Yes, we never inspect the attic, basement, or crawl space.

The best answer is B. A and C pose risks for frozen pipes. Flowing water freezes slower than standing water, so run your faucets and flush toilets periodically. If you’re aware of exposed piping, a slow leak from a faucet can prevent freezing along with opening adjacent cabinet and pantry doors.

If frozen pipes happen to you, your first step is to shut off the main water valve. Your second action is to call Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing at (314) 664-9705 for 24/7 emergency service.  Whether you have a leaky pipe, slow drain, or broken water line, the Hoffmann Brothers plumbers can help you with any pipe repair you may have in your Town and Country home.

Visit our website for more information:

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One way to keep your plumbing fixtures in Edwardsville, IL spot free is to start an obsessive cleaning routine. You’ll drive yourself and your family crazy, following them around after each visit to the bathroom and the kitchen on a Saturday. Not to mention, your guests will feel less than welcome when your entertaining centerpiece includes microfiber cloths and spray bottles.

Another option is to install spot free plumbing fixtures. Spot free or spot resist actually refers to the finish of your fixtures. Since plumbing involves the transport of a fluid through pipes, the fixtures of plumbing are prone to water spots. And don’t forget the soap residue and fingerprints that show up after each use.

Tarnish over time is delayed and original brilliance is maintained with spot resist plumbing fixtures. Here’s a look at the available applications and the recommended maintenance.

Spot Free Applications

Many stainless and brushed nickel materials are available with a spot free finish. Spot resist finishes maintain a clean, brushed, unblemished, and unstained appearance on the metal regardless of frequent usage, hard water, and chemical assaults. Think about investing in spot free materials for your Edwardsville kitchen, bathroom, and shower. Your options include faucets, built-in soap pumps, side sprays, showerheads, and tub spouts.

Spot Free Maintenance

Remember spot free refers to the shiny cosmetic appearance of the material, not the level of germs and bacteria. You know the fixtures in your home are touched frequently, on an hourly basis. Disinfection will reduce the spread of germs and viruses on these fixtures during the cold and flu seasons. 

It’s a good idea to disinfect your spot free fixtures on a regular basis. You’ll still need a cloth and disinfectant, but you’ll complete the cleaning job less frequently and in only a matter of seconds. The owner’s manual with your spot free fixtures will provide details on the safe and recommended cleaners.

Simplify your cleaning routine and maintain the original brilliance of your plumbing fixtures with spot free technology. A Hoffmann Brothers experienced plumbing contractor in can provide you with a variety of styles, reliable installation, service, and replacement parts for your spot resist plumbing fixtures. The Moen brand is an Edwardsville customer favorite. Call (314) 664-9705 to ask about a discount on spot free upgrades for multiple applications in your home. Or contact us through our website at

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Of course, tank less hot water heaters can provide hot water on demand for the sinks, showers, and appliances of your Lemay home. Hot water on demand for consumption requires a different solution. First, it needs to be filtered. Second, it needs a temperature close to boiling. While meeting these new requirements, it needs to maintain the attributes of affordability, easy maintenance, and low energy consumption.

Enter an instant hot water dispenser right at your kitchen sink. A small faucet fixture is visible above your countertop. A limited volume tank is concealed below your sink. The low flow rate from the fixture and the small volume of the tank equals minimal expense, this where your instant hot water dispenser will shine.

The Convenience

The season is ripe for hot drinks like tea, cocoa, apple cider, and instant coffee. With an instant hot water dispenser, a hardy breakfast of instant oatmeal will truly deserve its name. Stop waiting for the stovetop kettle to boil. Eliminate time at the microwave to heat up your favorite warm beverage or hot cereal.

An instant hot water dispenser provides 200°F water on demand. Besides filtered hot water ready for consumption, consider these other convenient applications:

•    Thawing frozen foods
•    Loosening jar lids
•    Priming the ice cream scoop
•    Washing baby bottles
•    Removing labels
•    Removing fruit and vegetable skins
•    Polishing silver and jewelry

The Selection

Select a style and finish that suits your Lemay, MO kitchen. Many customers match their instant hot water dispenser to their existing faucet. Traditional, modern, and transitional styles are available in chrome, bronze, and white varieties. Most types feature an adjustable temperature range and provide up to 60 cups of near boiling water per hour.

The Install

Kitchen updates can test your patience, as the room is likely the control center of your home. But the install of an instant hot water dispenser is quite painless. A dispenser will be located above your sink and a small stainless tank below it. The system is easy to maintain and service with relatively few moving parts.

Call Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing at (314) 664-9705 for a free estimate on an elegant and convenient instant hot water dispenser for your Lemay kitchen. Hoffmann Brothers professional contractors will complete the install, explain the operation, and clean up the work area in just a half-day.

Visit our website for more information at

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If you have a busy family, frequent houseguests, or regular company in your Crestwood, MO home, the bathroom is a popular room. A toilet that fills too slowly, runs constantly, or becomes clogged is inconvenient for a steady stream of users. Here are some common problems along with the first steps homeowners can take to solve them. 

Help! My toilet fills too slowly. 

Ideally, you’d like the toilet tank to fill by the time you wash your hands and freshen up at the vanity. Possible reasons for a slow fill are a clogged fill valve or water supply line. First, close and open the fill valve to the water supply line fully to loosen any hard water deposits. 

If the fully open valve still has an unacceptable fill rate, pliers can be used to remove the water supply line. Try pushing a hanger or small brush through the line to clear any clogs into a bucket. Consider replacing with a new flexible fill line. Finally, the strainer to the fill valve or the valve itself can be cleaned or replaced. 

Yikes! My toilet keeps running.

Consider a running toilet you can hear as a great opportunity to stop wasting hundreds of gallons of water each day in your Collinsville home. The problem may be your water level adjustment mechanism or a leaky flapper. Depending on the style and age of your toilet, you may need to adjust a variety of different ballcock types: floating cup, diaphragm, plunger, or floatless. An online tutorial for your type can help you adjust your system so the water level reaches one inch below the top of the overflow tube. to repair a toilet

If water level adjustment is ineffective, consider your flapper. The chemicals in some toilet cleaning tablets cause flapper leaks. Take the old flapper with you to the hardware store to get the appropriate replacement. 

Oh no! My toilet is clogged.  

A clogged toilet is a real hassle, even for Crestwood, MO homeowners with a backup bathroom. Try a standard household plunger to clear the clog first. Deeper more persistent clogs are best for a plumber. 

A professional is certainly needed when your clogged toilet results from a blocked main line. No amount of plunging will help this type of clog. Water can start backing up in other locations of your home when you flush. 

Call the plumbing experts at Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing at (314) 664-9705 for safe and effective solutions to any of your toilet issues. 

Visit the Hoffmann Brothers website for more information and money saving coupons on your next service call at



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A shower not only provides the cleaning necessary for good hygiene, but also invigorates us. Why else would each family have at least one member happy enough to sing in the shower? Or the Herbal Essences commercials of the 90s suggest its actresses were thoroughly enjoying a shampoo?

Whether your hair regimen consists of a two-in-one economical biweekly wash or a more rigorous routine of daily shampooing to conditioning to glossing, expect your shampoo to improve with the following showerhead guidelines.

The Water Pressure of your Showerhead

A relatively strong water pressure is desired to stimulate the scalp, promote even suds, and completely remove any applied product. Expect a cleaner mane from less product application and longer intervals between washes. Reduced water flow from your Alton, IL showerhead can signal a blockage or accumulated sediment. Sometimes the clog is located near the outlet of your fixture. Dismantling the showerhead and thoroughly cleaning the inlet and outlet components can often restore your unit to peak performance. Other times, it is further upstream and requires a professional plumber.

The Height of your Showerhead

The tallest member of your family, customer preference, and shower design impact the right height for your showerhead. Too low means your son on a basketball scholarship will uncomfortably duck for an efficient shampoo. Too high means the trajectory of the water may be leave you standing plastered to the shower wall for an effective shampoo.

The Spray of your Showerhead

A dial to adjust the stream type from your showerhead offers flexible control of the spray. A family member in Alton, IL who needs a nighttime shampoo may prefer a steady but light water flow with a consistent distance between each nozzle stream. A pulsing, robust, thicker stream flow may help wake-up a family member for a morning shampoo that’s even better than coffee.

Hoffmann Brothers licensed and trained contractors have over 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry. But we keep current on the latest attractive showerheads for your shampoo. Our installation, repair, and maintenance services keep your hair-cleaning regimen as efficient or as spa-like as you demand. 

Call Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing at (314) 664-9705 in Alton, IL for a multi-shower discount on showerheads. Plenty of good hair days are in the future for your family.

For more information on faucet replacements in Alton, IL visit our website at,



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Your kitchen faucet is one of the most widely used plumbing fixtures in your St. Louis County, MO home. Everyday tasks like washing hands, filling pots, watering plants, and cleaning up a sink full of dishes require a functional kitchen faucet. But you want more than the basics from your kitchen faucet. It must also be attractive and reliable, leak-free, and capable of the temperature and water pressure needed to get your kitchen jobs done right.

Now, you can have even one more excellent feature: a hands-free kitchen faucet. The hands-free technology is a Hoffmann Brothers customer favorite that’s clean and convenient. Many manufacturers and installers in St. Louis County, MO have entered the hands-free world. It’s important to know what to look for before you invest in a hands-free kitchen faucet.

The Motion Sense Technology of the Hands-free Kitchen Faucet

Most of us are familiar with the hands-free faucets of many public restrooms. The hands-free faucet for your kitchen needs to be more flexible. The technology must offer convenient control of flow-rate, temperature, and activation.

Consider a hands-free kitchen faucet with a variety of control mechanisms. Some brands offer three convenient controls. First, a motion above the faucet might start the water stream for steady flow. A similar wave turns it off. Second, the presence of an object at the middle of the faucet under the spout can trigger water for a short period until removal, which saves water. Finally, a traditional single handle can override both mechanisms and control water pressure and temperature.

The Look of the Hands-free Kitchen Faucet

Even a novice interior designer in St. Louis Coutny, MO recognizes the pulled together look of a kitchen with matched knobs and drawer pulls. Hands-free kitchen faucets range from modern to traditional, spot-free stainless steel to bronze. Take stock of your kitchen and see what captures your eye in the faucet catalogues.

The Installer of the Hands-free Kitchen Faucet

Even if you’ve picked out the right hands-free kitchen faucet for your home, make sure it works according to plan by calling a trained installer. “An experienced installer provides efficient installation, leak-free operation, and a comprehensive warranty to cover your investment,” states a St. Louis County technician from Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing.

A Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing, hands-free faucet installation is guaranteed to support your family’s kitchen needs for years to come. 

Call (314) 664-9705 to hire an experienced contractor in St. Louis County, MO who will filter the list of popular brands and install the perfect fit for your application.

Redeem a $25 savings on your next plumbing house call in St. Louis County, MO here:



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The typical kitchen counter contains all the essentials to feed your family. It also provides a base camp for mail, homework, and bags. Thankfully, your garbage disposal is one critical appliance in the kitchen command center that never adds clutter.

The fact that it’s concealed doesn’t reduce its usefulness. Understanding the do’s and dont's of operating your garbage disposal will promote its health and longevity. Follow these tips.

Garbage Disposal Do’s
Do use cold water. A cold temperature causes the fats and oils that reach your kitchen drain to solidify. Unlike cholesterol in your artery walls, solid fats in the disposal are a good thing. The garbage disposal can grind solid pieces before they reach your drain trap and cause an unwelcome clog.

 Do manage the size and frequency. A good project manager breaks a large task into smaller deliverables and consistently checks for progress. Use this strategy for your garbage disposal. Break large kitchen scraps into smaller pieces before running them through the disposal. Turn on the disposal frequently to prevent accumulation and corrosion.

 Do learn the trick to scour and freshen. Hard seeds, eggs shells, and small bones create abrasion to help clean the disposal blades and walls. Citrus fruits have both hard seeds and peels to clean while they freshen your drain. It’s a natural air freshener in your kitchen that serves a purpose.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts
 Don’t mistake it for a trash can. Biodegradable food items are great candidates for the garbage disposal. Paper, glass, metal, and plastic belong in the recycle bin or trash can. Also, watch out for fibrous cornhusks and gummy expandable pastas, which can lead to jams and clogs.

 Don’t be stingy with the water. Use perfect garbage disposal form. Run cold water, turn on the disposal, let the disposal finish grinding, turn off the disposal, and run water for an additional 15-second flush.

 Don’t forget the disposal in your cleaning routine. Besides wiping down your granite countertops daily and removing fingerprints from your stainless appliances, run ice through your garbage disposal about twice a month. The disposal chops the ice into chips, whose pieces scour its blades and walls. When the chips melt, you have a clean problem-free disposal.

 Ready for the last don’t? Don’t accept a slow drain. Call (314) 664-9705 for a fast and effective solution for your garbage disposal problem in St Charles, MO.

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Some pieces of plumbing wisdom are pure fiction. The direction water flushes is not determined by hemisphere but by toilet design. Others have some truth but enough gray cases to cause reasonable doubt. Flushable wipes are indeed flushable but not as degradable as toilet paper. They can cause clogs.

One plumbing truth with unequivocal accuracy is never pour grease down the drain. Even when following a recipe produces it, improper disposal of grease is a recipe for disaster. Here are the reasons why.
Grease changes state through temperature fluctuations. On the stovetop you can see the state change. Oil bubbles to a gas at its boiling point in your frying pan but causes greasy soot on your kitchen surfaces like cabinets and walls. Consider the concealed but undesirable state change that happens in your pipes. Grease starts as a liquid but it cools, solidifies, and sticks to your pipes and drains.

Flushing grease down your pipes with hot water doesn’t work. Even small amounts of grease are problematic and copious amounts of boiling water are ineffective. 

Grease snowballs as it flows downstream. Fats and oils mix with other debris and chemicals that run through your pipes and the downstream sewer system. They cause accumulation that’s dangerous for your home, your neighborhood, and even the water treatment system.

Grease can back up more than kitchen drain lines. Depending on the piping in your home, a kitchen drain blockage can impact adjacent laundry and bathroom lines. Your drain mistake in the kitchen can have widespread consequences in your home.

Grease is here to stay, even if it’s limited to your cheat days on a diet. It’s involved in some of our most delicious cooking including frying bacon, crisping chicken, and browning even virtuous lean ground turkey. Pour the leftover grease into a glass mason jar or an empty metal can, allow it to cool, and let it solidify. An alternative is to solidify the grease in the pan and wipe it with paper towels. The solid fat can be disposed of in the trash can.

While prevention is the best policy, previous homeowners also impact the cleanliness of your plumbing lines and small amounts of fats, oils, and grease accumulate over time. Call (314) 664-9705 for drain cleaning that’s fast, effective, and safe for your pipes and sewer lines.    

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Summer vacation doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting away to a tropical destination. But family and friends with time off might be coming to stay at your house. As you prep the guest room with fresh linens and stock the bathroom with plenty of towels, consider another means to make your guests feel welcome: a tankless hot water heater.

A storage hot water heater is the traditional means to supply hot water to the home. No one would argue the importance of reliable hot water for showers, washing hands, cleaning dishes, and serving appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. But traditional is not always best.

The Storage Hot Water Heater Cons
The cons of a storage hot water heater involve space, energy, longevity, service, and limited water supply. The traditional water heater is bulky and occupies real estate in your home. Likely located in a basement, the storage tank wastes energy, even when surrounded by proper insulation. The hot water supply is continuously replenished, independent of use, and limited to the volume of the tank. Energy to heat the hot water is wasted as the supply sits in the tank between the morning rush and evening prime time for hot water.

The life expectancy of a storage hot water heats isn’t bad, averaging 10 to 15 years. But there are limited options for service and repair without a complete replacement.

The Tankless Hot Water Heater Pros
The pros of a tankless hot water heater are unlimited supply, energy savings, durability, and easy maintenance. Look forward to a hot shower in the morning, even after each member of your family has had their fill in the bathroom and at the breakfast table. Besides an unlimited quantity of hot water, a tankless hot water system uses energy to heat the water at the point of use, via a simple heating element. Hot water isn’t stored, energy isn’t lost, and utility dollars aren’t wasted.

Look forward to an average life expectancy of over 20 years and easy to service parts with a tankless hot water system.

Hoffman Brothers Pro(fessional)s
Prepare for houseguests by scouting the perfect Yelp restaurants and free St. Louis attractions. Let a Hoffmann Brother’s licensed contractor handle your hot water needs. Obtain a free estimate on a tankless hot water system for your home by calling (314) 664-9705.

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Some sounds in the kitchen are a cause for celebration. Remember the harmonious sound of your family singing happy birthday to you, back before the age of 30. Think about the pop of the champagne flute at your last dinner party and the laughter of your children as they decorated sugar cookies.




Other sounds are a cause for alarm. A pop from your microwave means you’ll have some marinara sauce to scrub off its walls. Glass hitting the tile floor and a beeping smoke detector are bad signs for your matching dish set and previously moist turkey.




A clanking sound from your garbage disposal is in the alarm category. The familiar hum of a functional garbage disposal starts somewhat loud but dissipates. The appliance has an expected tune of progress when it’s doing its job: clearing debris, leftovers, and fragments from the kitchen drain and restoring a clear sink basin.




Unexpected sounds include metal on metal, an unbalanced rumble, and a starting-stalling-pausing-freezing remix. The garbage disposal is a work horse in your kitchen you want to restore to peak health as soon as possible. Here are some common malfunctions:




Unsuitable Object = Clanking Sound


Metal utensils fall easily down the drain in a sink full of dishes. Some hard seeds and pits from fruits and vegetables are also unsuitable for the disposal. Abrasive kitchen sponges and drink caps can be other culprits that clog a garbage disposal. Some debris are large enough to be removed by a homeowner taking safety precautions, like disconnecting the power. Others may require a professional flashlight, camera, and precise tools for removal.




Electrical Failure = No Sound


Your garbage disposal operated by a switch requires electricity like many kitchen appliances. A power or wiring issue along with a tripped circuit breaker can cause a garbage disposal to fail.




Mechanical Failure = Rumbling Sound


Like a fan, the components of a garbage disposal can become unbalanced so the parts do not operate in sync. A loose screw or damaged blade are common mechanical failures of a garbage disposal.  




Hoffmann Brothers offers qualified plumbers for safe and effective installation, repair, and maintenance for your garbage disposal. Contact (314) 664-9705 today for details on our quiet garbage disposal brands with an elegant sink top switch.


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Summer vacation is a welcome break from work, school, household chores, and the typical obligations of an endless to-do list. Besides relaxation and pleasant ocean air, consider a hidden factor contributing to your good hair days, glowing skin, and bright white linen vacation wardrobe. There may be something in the water.

Rather, something may be missing from the water. Many hotels use property-wide water softening systems. Water softeners remove minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium from the hard municipal water supply.

Several benefits of removing these minerals include fewer deposits on household appliances like kettles and dishwashers that impact performance and longevity, reduced risk of clogged pipes and water heaters that cause plumbing emergencies and risk costly damage to your home, and increased ability to lather with smaller amounts of cleaning products when washing hair, skin, and clothing.

What if you could keep more than souvenirs from your vacation? Could you take home smoother hair, reduced skin irritation, and better tasting boiled foods even when your home kitchen replaces the restaurant? Now you can, with water softening technology available year-round at your home or business.

Hoffmann Brothers has over 40 years of experience installing whole property water softening systems. Popular brand names are Culligan, Sears, Kenmore, Ecowater, Kinetico, Rheem, Kleck, General Electric, H20 Harmony, Surge Water, Water Boss, and Northstar. Our licensed technicians are knowledgeable on the latest technologies and the right fit for the application. Most importantly, a Hoffmann installation is complete, reliable, and guaranteed for peak performance.

Your installation, service, and repair options from Hoffmann Brothers include:
•    New installations in limited applications (any budget)
•    New installations in whole house applications (any size home)
•    Repair and service for an existing water softener system (any make, model, and age)
•    An upgrade to an existing water softener system

Your dishwasher, washing machine, shower, and tap all benefit from softer water so consider a complete home install for your family. Satisfied customers remark on improved appliance performance and reduced detergent usage after water softener installation. Call (314) 664-9705 and ask about our high efficiency warranty-backed water softener options for your home or business.

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The typical homeowner rarely considers professional drain cleaning, until there’s a problem. A clogged drain is not only inconvenient, but also a source of potential property damage. With daily use and plenty of drain sites in the typical home, it’s important to get the drain cleaning facts.

Myth: The hardware store is all I need to prevent clogged drains.
Fact: A qualified contractor can be a safer and more effective solution for drain cleaning.
Both household products and the build-up of hair and debris over time contribute to clogged drains. Beware the toxic and potential damaging drain cleaning products in the aisles of Home Depot. An inexpensive solution on the surface, like a five-dollar bottle of a popular drain cleaning product, can cause expensive and dangerous damage to the pipes and fixtures in your home. Many are ineffective, some create new plumbing problems, and others are risky for the average homeowner to apply.

Myth: A plunger is the best tool for my clogged toilets.
Fact: Sewer lines are complex and homes with multiple family members may need a professional.
Call in the experts for thorough, safe, and reliable drain cleaning. You may know that grease is a common culprit in the kitchen while hair presents a problem in the bathroom. However, your sewer line connection can also become clogged. It’s important for licensed contractors to inspect the issue, use the right tools, perform complete debris removal, and counsel homeowners on prevention tactics. A root cause analysis can prevent future problems.

Here’s what to expect from Hoffmann Brothers for your drain cleaning project:
•    24/7 Service because clogged drains can quickly become emergencies
•    A licensed qualified contractor will visit your property, inspect the issue, and complete the project in a timely manner.
•    An option for preventative maintenance on susceptible drains to prevent future emergency calls
•    Service after the sale, a project guarantee, and a warranty on new installations

Call (314) 664-9705 today to eliminate drain issues and prevent damage to your home. Act now for a multi drain discount at your property. 

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Do you worry about the quality of your family’s drinking water? Are you familiar with the laws pertaining to clean drinking water in Jefferson County? A licensed plumber, renowned for backflow prevention device testing, drain cleaning, bathroom remodeling projects and a host of other plumbing repair services answers common questions and facts to know about backflow prevention device testing in Jefferson County.


How Backflow Devices Protect the Missouri Water Supply?

Backflow prevention devices work to keep the clean drinking water supply separated from wastewater.


Who is responsible for back flow device testing in Jefferson County?

In Jefferson County, back flow prevention device testing is the responsibility of all residential property owners.


What is the point of back flow prevention device testing?

A back flow device protects the Jefferson County water supply by preventing wastewater from mixing with the clean drinking water supply.


Is there an instruction manual or a do-it-yourself Youtube video for homeowners to conduct a back flow test?

No. Only plumbers licensed and certified in back flow prevention testing are authorized to induct device testing in Jefferson County.


What organization establishes the guidelines for back flow prevention device testing?

The American Backflow Prevention Agency helps institute back flow device system testing standards. The ABPA has 12 chapters across the nation.


How often should Jefferson County homeowners schedule a back flow prevention device test?

An annual back flow prevention device test is a statewide requirement to preserve the water quality in Missouri. Every 365-days, homeowners must schedule a back flow device test. The plumbing service can be conducted a few days prior or on the anniversary date of the previous water testing.


How much does it cost to conduct a back flow prevention device test?

Costs vary, according to a plumber’s rates. Several back flow prevention device tests qualify for a discount at certain plumbers licensed in Jefferson County. When Jefferson County homeowners schedule a backflow device test with Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing, homeowners can redeem coupons featured on the company’s website,


Additional resources on backflow prevention device guidelines in Jefferson County:

·         Missouri Department of Natural Resources        

·         The American Backflow Prevention Agency

·         Backflow testing in Jefferson County




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The volume of wastewater deposits coursing through the average East St. Louis residential property has the ability to promote a clogged drainage system. Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing advises homeowners to schedule an annual drain cleaning to prevent flooding and backups.


How Drain Cleaning Affects East St Louis Households?

Puddles, invasive tree roots, and clogged drains often surface in the month of March and April. April is notoriously the month of spring showers. With those downpours, flooding is a possibility where there are clogged drains.


“Drain cleaning protects homes from triggering other unsightly problems and health hazards. Water waste lines contain bacteria, attracting the proliferation of sewer flies or sewer moths,” shares a plumber employed at Hoffmann Brothers plumbing.


Drain cleaning methods vary depending on the source of the backup or drain issue.

Some homes of East St. Louis are prone to grease build up in the waste lines. Others require a drain cleaning to eradicate debris accumulation. Whatever the case, Hoffmann Brothers employs numerous options to keep your home’s draining system clear.


In certain situations the source of a clogged drain stems from the sewer. To trace the source of the drain issue, some plumbers in East St. Louis ( use a fiber optic video.  Depending on the findings of the plumbing inspection, a hydro-jetting or professional cleaning solution can remedy the drainage problem.


Averting an Emergency Drain Cleaning House Call


Consider these recommendations to prevent flooding and back ups in East St. Louis:


           Springtime is an apt time of year to schedule a drain cleaning to eliminate and prevent any serious plumbing problems.


           Drain covers protect the drain system against unsavory foreign elements. In the shower, bathtub and sink, affix drain covers to prevent hair from creating a drain problem.


           Throughout the year proper food disposal influences the drain system. Fatty substances, greasy matter and other oily foods accumulate inside drains. Dispose of all fat, grease and oil into the garbage can versus the garbage disposal.


Please visit this URL address: to claim a savings on your next drain cleaning service call in East St. Louis.

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It’s not every day that a plumber doles out extra incentive for a plumbing repair. Yet, one Jefferson County plumbing company is offering repair service with three benefits: expert plumbing service, a discount on the service call and a contribution to a worthy cause.


From the month of February through March, Hoffmann Brothers will donate a portion of their plumbing service call fees and sales directly to Children's Miracle Network of Greater St Louis.


About the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater St. Louis (CMN St. Louis)

A non-profit organization, the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater St. Louis (CMN St. Louis) raise funds and awareness for a duo of medical facilities, St. Louis Children's Hospital and SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center.


The CMN St. Louis allocates funding for both hospitals, buying new medical equipment, instituting new programs and renovating the facility to provide better healthcare for children. The Greater St. Louis Chapter of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals employs donations for local funding only.


Why the CMN St. Louis Is an Important Cause to the Plumbing Company

The CMN St. Louis plays an important role for Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing, as one of its resident plumber’s children faces open-heart surgery in June. This will not be the first surgery for plumber John’s son, Josiah. Born without a spleen, two punctures in his heart and internal organs reversed, Josiah has already undergone a previous open-heart surgery, stomach surgery, and foot surgery, all before he was two years old.


Josiah is not the only child suffering from a debilitating medical condition. St Louis Children hospitals are helping hundreds upon hundreds of local children. Each year The Children's Miracle Network of Greater St Louis honors children with amazing testimonials of recovery.  This, year Desi is one of the 2015 Miracle Children. At the age of six, Desi was diagnosed with high acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Numerous treatments, including a bone marrow transplant, therapy and medicine have enabled Desi to be cancer free, at present date.


How Your Plumbing Service Call Helps

When St. Clair County and other local residents (Saint Louis County and Jefferson County) obtain a plumbing service call this month, from Hoffmann Brothers, a portion of the service visit fees benefits the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater St. Louis (CMN St. Louis).


Also, Hoffmann is upping its philanthropic ante, doling out a $25 discount



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Domiciles don’t come with a designated plumber. Yet, a licensed plumbing contractor is the type of support every homeowner needs to preserve the investment and safety of their home. Hoffmann Brothers, a plumbing contractor, serving the communities of Creve Coeur and other cities of St. Louis County offers several consumer tips on hiring a plumber.


Four Universal Tips on How to Hire a Plumber

Angie’s List is not the only resource for hiring a plumber. Homeowners frequently research the following information when in need of a licensed plumber in Creve Coeur and other U.S. cities:


Should homeowners hire plumbers featured on Angie’s List or other service provider directories, only?

Reputable plumbers are not necessarily marketing their services on Angie’s List or other directories. Regardless of where you find the plumbing contractor, he or she should hold a current license and certificate of insurance. Confirm the plumber’s license is valid with your city, town or village hall.


Smart hiring a plumber tactic: To avoid the potential risk of hiring an unfit plumber, do a bit of due diligence. Check with your state’s attorney general’s office, and local chapter of the Better Business Bureau and other complaint sites for a pattern of customer dissatisfaction and complaints. .


More information on hiring a contractor in Creve Coeur MO can be found at:


What is the relevance of hiring a plumber who has a certificate of insurance?

A certificate of insurance is relevant for any homeowner who does not want to be held liable in the event the plumber or worker is injured while making a house call. A liability policy covers damages that could result from the repair.


Only consider plumbers who are licensed and carry a liability policy. Prior to agreeing to any work ask for a copy of the plumbers certificate of insurance.


How much does it cost to hire a plumber?

The cost to hire a plumber hinges on the service call fee, the parts needed and a labor charge; however, plumbers generally charge a flat fee for a house call. In situations where the homeowner agrees to the plumbing repair, some licensed plumbers waive the initial house call fee.


Tip: Inquire about rates and pricing, prior to scheduling the house call.


Do plumbers offer service guarantees?

Most plumbers do not provide service guarantees unless the plumbing project is an installment where there is a labor guarantee.


However, upstanding, plumbers will offer a service warranty. For instance, Hoffmann Brothers provides transparent prices, service contracts and guaranteed plumbing repair satisfaction.


If you live in or close by Creve Coeur, please dial 314-664-9705 to check rates and potentially schedule a plumbing house call.

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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Plumbing

Backflow prevention devices are like few other plumbing services in Clayton. Whereas a bathroom remodeling project, water heater replacement or a clogged drain is not a legal requirement, backflow testing is. Backflow prevention also plays a leading role in protecting your family’s drinking water from toxins, carcinogens and other contaminants. A Clayton plumber, who frequently, conducts back flow device testing in Clayton—as well as the Counties of Jefferson, St. Louis, and St. Charles highlights the basics.


About Backflow Testing In the Counties of St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson

The following overview on back flow prevention, installations and testing is applicable in St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County.


To ensure healthy drinking water, the state of Missouri mandates a strict Clean Water Act. Backflow prevention testing is mandatory in the state of Missouri. The Clean Water Act requires residential property owners to maintain an annual back flow device-testing regimen.


“Pressure, reversals of water flow and cross connections all contribute to back flow. As a result, backflow prevention plays an integral role in preserving the water supplies of St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County,” identifies a plumber, who resides in Clayton.


Back flow prevention device testing must happen on the anniversary date or a few days before the previous year’s backflow test date.


“Homeowners should maintain records of each back flow device test, advises a plumber licensed in Clayton.  Although back flow device tests are a legal requirement in the counties of Jefferson, St. Louis and St. Charles, each institutes different verification specifications.


Please follow this link, to read more on back flow prevention and testing from Clayton, St. Charles County to Jefferson County.


The American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) institutes standards in back flow testing guidelines. As a result, only certified plumbers, mechanical contractors and designated officials have the authority and aptitude to evaluate a backflow prevention device.


Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing is the preferred contractor of Clayton Missouri, as well as the Counties of Jefferson, St. Louis, and St. Charles. Please redeem an extra savings: on your next back flow test or other plumbing service.


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